Midnight Musings


Ever woken up at a stupid time in the night and not been able to get back to sleep? Well, that was me last night, and as soon as I was awake, this was in my head: “I fill up my lungs with the weight of the world”. It has been ages since I set my hand to any poetry, but after a line like that, I felt it would be sin not to try and create something. So, I give you my short piece from last night, written under the influence of exhaustion and bitterness:

I fill up my lungs
With the weight of the world.
How different I am
To that young little girl;
All dressed in white,
At the end of the road.
If only she knew
The journey ahead
To where she is now
The struggle, the dread,
Of each dragging day
And all that it holds;
Who knew I’d be like this
At nineteen years old.

I breathe out a sigh
And the memory fades.
The little girl goes;
How I wish she had stayed.

Keep dreaming,
Scarlett x


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