A Safe Place To Land

Not everything in life is going to seem beautiful all the time, it’s just the way it is. Sometimes, a ray of sunshine will hit someone’s face so angelically that it’s all you can think about for the rest of your day. Others, the shadow from the trees will cast them into demonic shade. And sometimes, everything seems a bit duller and dimmer than usual.

It’s times like this when we need someone to wake us up, pick us up, and remind us of the beauty in the everyday things. Now this wake up call can come in many forms; a cup of tea, a hug, or even a complete intervention, it depends on how your loved ones function. However, it is remembering that these times are important, and that they can make all of the difference in the world.

For me, this wake up call came after what felt like jumping out of a plane. It had felt like I’d been in the plane for far too long, circling the ground, waiting to jump out into that new adventure, but I was chained to my seat. It’s really surprising how much your past can hold you back when you think about it. All those doubts, all those times when you were let down, all those relationships that didn’t work out; they stay with you and they haunt you, one step behind you, lurking in your shadow until you find the sunlight to blast them out of your life for good.

Again, this sunshine can come in any form, but mine came in the form of taking a leap of faith. I have decided to keep my form of saving grace to myself, but when I finally found the motivation to jump out of that plane, to take that first step out, I already knew that I had a safe place to land even before I dropped. That’s what faith is; it is believing and trusting in something even before you can fathom that it genuinely exists, and that is the beauty that I have learned to see today.

No matter how fast you fall, nor how far you fall from home, there will always be someone there to catch you; it is up to you how much you trust in that.

I must now pay thanks to Christian Burghardt, the inspiration for this post. His song, ‘A Safe Place To Land’ can be found by clicking here. It truly is a brilliant song, and I hope it gives you as much hope as it did me.

Keep dreaming,
Scarlett x


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