Hi everyone!

I’m Scarlett and I’m just coming up to the end of my teenage years and am absolutely refusing to accept it. They say that every writer should have experienced enough by the age of 20 to write for the rest of their lives, and it’s really concerning me that I haven’t had enough of those experiences. So, I’m going to use this blog as a platform not only to practice my writing but also to document and recount all of the experiences I think are significant, and what better time to start than just before summer? Who knows what could happen?

By now you have figured that I am slightly book-crazed and yes, I will admit that it is my dream to be an author, so I’m trying to do everything I can to make that happen. I’m currently studying English Literature and French at university in the United Kingdom where I live most of the time, but I call the tiny little island of Bermuda home.

I can almost always be found with a coffee in-hand and a sarcastic comment on the tip of my tongue, but that’s just the way I am, and I hope that you’ll come to like that about me. So please, have a look around the blog, get to know me, judge me, advise me, whatever you wish, and join me in my journey of dreaming through pages.

Scarlett x


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